Thursday, 17 December 2020

Easy To Care For White Wood Flooring

If you're yearning to make this sought after white hardwood flooring look that more and more people drool over in interior magazines but are holding back because you are frightened; let us assure you. White hardwood floors is an option which may be used throughout the home without necessarily needing to be worried about each and every footstep which goes through your house and surprisingly doesn't even need special care or maintenance if you make the ideal decisions.

In this article, we wish to share with you our thoughts on how to make the right choices so that you may enjoy the white hardwood flooring of your dreams and still have a stress-free life.

Selecting the Most Appropriate Type of white wood flooring

White hardwood floors comes in a whole slew of styles and options, which is great news if you're searching for inspiration. However, the breadth of this option available can make this choice seem somewhat overwhelming when you're picking a white floor for the very first time.

When it comes to deciding on the right style of white hardwood floors for your home, you really need to consider the traffic that goes through your home as well as how naturally clean and tidy you like things to be. If you're a family of 4, 5 or 6 individuals, composed of adults and children and possibly have a couple of pets, it's certain you'll want to choose your white wood flooring more carefully than just one man or woman living in a 3rd floor flat.

In case you have high traffic levels along with a danger of dirt and grime being brought directly into your home by your children and your pets in particular, it's a good idea to choose a white hardwood floor style which helps camouflage the grime, even if you're effective in cleaning it up quickly. A distressed white wood floor that appears as though it has been sun bleached or aged for example won't be as inclined to show footprints or small accidental spills or stains than a floor which is'flat white' all over; so this is well worth bearing in mind when you choose your floors design .

Choosing the Ideal FINISH for your lifestyle

Wood floors, both engineered and solid, comes in a whole assortment of finishes, which is great news if you're in the market to get a white hardwood flooring. Although anyone purchasing any hardwood flooring should think carefully about the ideal finish for their unique circumstances, there's no getting away from the fact that if you've got a white hardwood flooring on your radar, there is even greater demand for vigilance.

If you don't have an excessive amount of traffic moving through your house and you like a nice, natural appearance; a brushed and hardwax oiled white hardwood flooring is very likely to tick all of your boxes. On the other hand, in case you've got a few kids, plus a dog and a cat, then you might be safer with a lacquered finish. All of that said, if you pick a lacquered finish, you do need to be aware of the risk of scuffing and scratching. Because of this, the best advice is to search for quality and impartial professional advice regarding the very best finish for your home and your special circumstances.

Best Strategies to protect your white Hardwood Floors

You need to be certain to use the right procedures and products to wash it. It's also wise to make certain it's a well topped up end at all times and take every step you can to keep muck and grime into the minimum.

If you decide to install white wood flooring in your hallway, as an instance, you should go out with your investment in quality indoor and outdoor doormats so that the maximum quantity of grime and dust possible is removed from boots and shoes before they march through your property. Nevertheless, you could always take the daring step of banning shoes at the home and that would solve all your troubles J!

If you want to talk about taking the plunge and investing in a white hardwood flooring for your home, why don't you get in contact? At Southwark Floor Sanding we will be brutally honest with you when we believe it might be an error!

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Matte, Satin or Semi Gloss?

In a home with old looking hardwood floors, the greatest improvement possible is to start a finishing procedure. You are going to be able to walk on your own floors immediately after they are ready. All wood floors ought to be given some type of care and attention from time to time.

Since there are many colours and width alternatives are available with refinished it is going to be difficult for you to choose the right one for your wood floors. The finish sheen measures how shiny or glossy your floor’s finish will be and there three most popular and functional options to choose from.

Satin seems to be the most popular sheen, it is more in line with a classic or formal setting, and the ease of care that a matte floor offers. Satin surface is easy to be kept clean. This finish tends to give the look of hardwood a NEW look longer then any other finish does. Satin is not reflect the light directly but rather disperses it evenly. This is way it does not show every scratch and imperfection in the way that Semi Gloss does.

Semi Gloss have the higher gloss levels, which is even more reflective. But the higher sheen levels wear is not a good idea and specially in high traffic areas. The constant use of a floor in a high traffic area could mean that your finish will wear out faster in some areas than in others. This sheen is good for clean maniacs, because it is so much easier to notice dirt,debris, scratches and dents, especially on a darker coloured stain. Semi Gloss finish sheen on is trendy for spaces or places where there may be water near by - kitchens or formal dining areas.

Matte finish is perfect for children’s rooms or high traffic areas, a matte finished floor will be better able to hide scruffs, scratches dirt and debris.This is way matte finish has become very popular. This finish is also a very good way of achieving the casual sophistication. Matte reflects minimal amount of light and therefore will have no shine even after they are cleaned. It is also the very popular for a commercial spaces, because this is a floor that will stay good-looking longer, easy to clean, and also easy to maintain!